Aeon of Sands

Aeon of Sands – NPC creation process, updated

This summer I will still be sludging through the opponents creation, trying to get a sense of what misses yet, or is out of place, in the growing and roaring sea of game assets. Here below, a 3 minutes video in which I illustrate the creation process of a creature, from the puppet sketch to […]

Developer Diary – Shader and Pixelart Technology

Today I want to describe to you how we combine pixelart with modern shader technology to change scene ambience. 2D equals 3D ? All games use either OpenGL or Direct3D and these APIs are clearly made for 3D. 2D is only a complicated abstraction and reduction of these APIs. That’s why in my opinion all […]

Monthly Update: December

Hi everybody! In the last few weeks we have been really busy, so we would like to use this post to draw you a rough map of the here and now of the ’Aeon of Sands – The Trail’ development. Current Status By now, we have completed about 75 per cent of the graphics for […]

The Desert and You

On the proper ways to address strangers in the desert. One would assume that there were none, as in a desert, there should be nobody to address. But if you find yourself there, a desert ceases to be deserted, and it unmistakably follows that there should be an etiquette and a protocol to addressing strangers. […]

Developer Diary: NPC creation and animation

Dear reader, If you just found about this blog, you might want to check out the website of our soon to be released game too: Aeon of Sands (AoS from now on).   I actually got to almost complete an introduction post here, full of (arguably) interesting stuff on the reasons behind the whole design of AoS, but it got (not really) accidentally […]