Aeon of Sands

The sounds and music of Aeon of Sands – The Trail

Hello! Have you ever wondered about what one needs to consider when it comes to video game music? Then let me tell you about our creational journey to the music of Aeon of Sands and check out this blog post.   Considerations and First Ideas Back then when we started, Florian and me both knew […]

What is it like to play Aeon of Sands?

“Here, have some of my water – says the man under the cowl – you clearly have not packed enough to get here.” Setrani has no strength to object, and, from his curled position, half buried in the sand, accepts the water skin with a hoarse groan. “Easy, easy… Careful not to drop it!” Setrani […]

Aeon of Sands – Summer Interview and new gameplay footage

IRN : HOW LONG HAS THE DEVELOPMENT TAKEN SO FAR? Starting in 2012, about 2 years of research, planning, story and pipeline (how to get the exact old-school look and feel), followed by 3 years of implementation (code, graphics, gameplay, story, audio), and almost 1 year of beta-testing and polishing. ANY IDEA OF A RELEASE […]

Desktop wallpaper process

Hello readers! For this installment of “Sleep ’till late with Marco”, I’ll guide you in the process of Aeon of Sands – The Trail official videogame desktop wallpaper creation. The first requirement to create artwork is someone who asks or forces you to do it. Usually a perverted creature called co-worker who ignores the fact that you […]

Aeon of Sands – NPC creation process, updated

This summer I will still be sludging through the opponents creation, trying to get a sense of what misses yet, or is out of place, in the growing and roaring sea of game assets. Here below, a 3 minutes video in which I illustrate the creation process of a creature, from the puppet sketch to […]