Aeon of Sands

Monthly Update: March

Hello everybody! As you can see, we skipped the updates for January and February, while, as anticipated, we worked on the backgrounds and walls for the dungeons, and the remaining story illustrations.

We’re happy to tell you that all of them are now done and gone!

Graphics and Gameplay

As it happened, in January, Marco created a totally new ambientation, that we add to ‘The Ruin’, a place that will hold an estimated 2 – 3 hours sidequest.

Setrani walks through a ruin, from game

It’s a special place, and one for which Florian is creating new challenges right now, among which, a puzzle with tower defense mechanics, that we’ll get to test, in their early form tomorrow already!

As the settings graphics are completed, Marco has moved to the NPCs and monsters; beside the demo ones, (rats and undeads that you should be familiar with, by now), the list of them accounts for more than 30 different opponents, with about 10 frames of animation each.

Half of them, roughly, are humanoids, of the various tribes that live in the desert that is Aeon of Sands, while the rest is, well, other stuff 🙂

Three different animation sets for humanoid NPCs



In the last days of December, we started working with a talented musician and great friend, Gabriele Artuso, who is creating the theme for the game, and many great tracks besides.

We are saving a special blog post for his contribution, let us just say here that to use live recorded traditional instruments as base for the game soundtrack is both a challenge and exhilarating!


Ideally before the end of April, but realistically on the next three months, we plan to work on the following tasks:

  • complete all NPCs and monsters in game!
  • finish at least 2 large dungeons
  • record the video teaser
  • prepare for the Greenlight campaign!

After that, only dungeon creation, gameplay finetuning, test and marketing until the end!

So stay with us, and remember to follow us on your social site of preference, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, to get the snippets from the development as fresh as they come, and help us spread the word!


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