Aeon of Sands

Monthly Update: March

Hello everybody! As you can see, we skipped the updates for January and February, while, as anticipated, we worked on the backgrounds and walls for the dungeons, and the remaining story illustrations. We’re happy to tell you that all of them are now done and gone! Graphics and Gameplay As it happened, in January, Marco […]

Setrani: Misgivings. Roleplaying the Hero

In my dreams, I flee. Since I was a kid, I run during the night, so much that is it any wonder that I don’t want to do anything during the day? One time, it’s a creature half man, half bull, running on the walls with an axe; a few times it’s the guards, or the […]

Developer Diary – Shader and Pixelart Technology

Today I want to describe to you how we combine pixelart with modern shader technology to change scene ambience. 2D equals 3D ? All games use either OpenGL or Direct3D and these APIs are clearly made for 3D. 2D is only a complicated abstraction and reduction of these APIs. That’s why in my opinion all […]

Christmas under the Kinami tree

Play offline: Windows | MacOSX   It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! Do you want to find out how we celebrate the season under the Kinami tree? Then head over to our blog and start playing! We created a little game to help you kill the time until 2016.   We wish you all a very […]

Monthly Update: December

Hi everybody! In the last few weeks we have been really busy, so we would like to use this post to draw you a rough map of the here and now of the ’Aeon of Sands – The Trail’ development. Current Status By now, we have completed about 75 per cent of the graphics for […]